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Check To the Raiser


Your instinct to check to the raiser is correct from a GTO standpoint. How cool is that?

Three Quick Score Improvements

Layers of $100 bills

If you're leaving for the poker club in an hour, these suggestions might improve what happens when you get there.

Why You Might Fold J6s in the Small Blind

PokerCruncher screenshot showing J6s equity versus other hands.

Everybody just tosses in the half blind with J6s in the small blind, don't they? Here's why you might save that half a blind.

They Don't Think (or Play) Like You Do


Trying to model your poker opponents as thinking or acting like you do will lead to disappointment and confusion. Give them a clean slate to start.

Button straddles suck

Dealer button referring to button straddle

Button straddles are just plain awful. They're bad for the game and selectively harm certain players at the table. And they definitely don't spur action.

Card Player, 9/21/1990


This article was published in Card Player in September of 1990. I had been writing them for 2-3 years at that point. I like to think I've gotten better.

Poker skills in the jury box

Jury sign, referencing my using poker skills in the jury room.

Wherein I find myself on a jury in a small criminal case, but using poker skills to make good decisions in the deliberations.