About Me

Lee Jones and Jason Somerville

My name is Lee and I've been playing poker for 35 years. I wrote a book called Winning Low Limit Hold’em back in the ‘90s. After many wonderful years at PokerStars, I’m happy to report that I am no longer working for the Man. No surprise, my love affair with poker is raging. I’m playing, writing, and coaching, every chance I get. I am excited to see what comes next in this adventure.

Please have a look around and drop me a note. I will always write back.

Thanks, Lee

They Said It, I Didn't

I'm not sure there's anybody that loves poker as much as Lee Jones does.

                            -- Jason Somerville

After 30 years in the business, Lee Jones understands poker as few other people do. The game is better for him being part of it.

                               -- Matt Savage

Winning Low Limit Hold'em is no longer the worst book about limit hold'em.

                             -- Mason Malmuth

You Got Questions?

Q: Are you the PokerStars Lee Jones?

A: I was, but now I'm just Lee Jones.

Q: Have you written a best-selling poker book?

A: Yes. It's called Winning Low-Limit Hold'em. 

Q: Have you written hundreds of articles for various poker publications?

A: So glad you asked; the answer is yes.

Q: Do you coach poker?

A: Yes, I love coaching poker players. If you'd like a free consultation to see if my coaching might be right for you, click here.

Q: Do you  play poker?

A: Does a bear poop in the woods? I play poker every chance I get, at casinos and home games. I play no-limit hold'em, pot-limit Omaha, stud eight-or better, etc. People ask me what my favorite poker game is - it's whatever  they're dealing.